20 november 2019

New York Post

This permanently small puppy has doggie dwarfism

This permanently pint-size pooch isn’t short on love. Two-year-old Ranger, a purebred German shepherd, is no puppy. His small stature is due to pituitary dwarfism, a genetic condition that appears in certain dog breeds, including German shepherds, corgis and basset hounds.

Ranger’s owner, Phoenix-based Shelby Mayo, knew she’d picked the runt of the litter when she found the petite pup. But she didn’t know he’d stay that small forever.


Ranger is going to need a lot of care throughout his lifetime. According to veterinary researchers at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, German shepherds with the rare disorder are prone to various developmental impediments, behavioral problems, a compromised immune system and a shortened life span of usually no more than five years, although some have reportedly beat the odds by reaching twice that age.

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