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How we are working towards a better world

  • Dr. Ava Verhoeven with thale cresses in the lab

    Virus discovered in research plant

    A previously unknown virus has been found to occur worldwide in the most widely studied plant species, thale cress (Arabidopsis thaliana). The presence of the virus was discovered by researchers at Utrecht University and Wageningen University & Research.
    Highly contagious
  • illustratie van een vrouw die zonnepanelen bevestigt

    Energy of the future

    Where will your energy come from 30 years from now? Cooking with gas is no longer an option, coal and cement are long gone. We are on the eve of a true revolution. From electricity to heat, storage and transport: get ready for energy 2.0.
    Energy transition
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    Ukraine: support and information

    Utrecht University is committed to supporting those who are directly or indirectly impacted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We offer information, links, and FAQs for current and prospective students, staff, and refugees.
    War in Ukraine
  • Dick Boetekees

    Discussing social safety

    On Monday 5 September, we celebrated the Start of the Academic Year. Organisational Psychologist Naomi Ellemers addressed an important topic: social safety. Moreover, we announced the winners of the student awards.
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Facts and figures

  • 117

    With some 117 nationalities students and staff work and study together in an international environment.

  • Our students appreciate the many options available within our more than 150 Master's programmes.

  • Every year, more than 600 Utrecht PhD candidates obtain their doctorate.

  • 35000

    With over 35,000 students we are one of the largest Dutch universities.

Our people

  • Corné Pieterse

    Biologist and Spinoza laureate

    Every year, more than a quarter of all harvests worldwide is lost due to diseases and plagues. The question of how plants can protect themselves against this leads Spinoza laureate Corné Pieterse to the most basic fundamentals of plant life.

  • Tanja van der Lippe

    Tanja van der Lippe

    Sociologist and Stevin laureate

    Tanja is a pioneer in the field of research into a healthy work-life balance and sustainable employability of employees. Her research has a major impact on the well-being of employees and provides a vision for the future of work.

  • Portretfoto's van Raha Heshmatikhah en Pooyan Tamimi Arab

    Pooyan Tamimi Arab and Raha Heshmatikhah

    Assistant Professor and Master's Student

    How do Raha Heshmatikhah, a Master's student in Clinical Psychology and Pooyan Tamimi Arab, an Assistant Professor of Religious Studies – UU community members with Iranian roots – look at the situation in Iran?

  • Niki Frantzeskaki

    Chair Professor of Regional and Metropolitan Governance and Planning

    Niki Frantzeskaki focuses on urban issues related to climate change, from extreme droughts to floods, biodiversity crises and even serious public health implications. Collaboration is key.