Tropical Greenhouses

Another essential part of the Botanic Gardens are the Tropical Greenhouses, most of which are open to the public. The research section is not accessible to visitors.
The tropical collection has many Orchids and Bromeliads and specializes in plants from the northern part of the neotropics (South America). Here you will also find food plants like Banana, Mango and Vanilla.

The anual Butterfly Festival in summer also takes places in one of the greenhouse compartments.

The Tropical Greenhouses include:

  • the central section with numerous succulents and tropical climbers;
  • the cold or subtropical greenhouse with conservatory plants or ‘Cape plants’, such as orange and angel's trumpet (Brugmansia). Some of these plants grow here permanently, but many of the half-hardy perennials spend the summer outdoors;
  • the tropical greenhouse featuring the truly tropical plants. Here, the temperature is kept at a constant 21 degrees Celsius with air humidity of 55% during the day and around 95% at night. The cacao tree, papaya and various liana are some of the species that grow here;
  • three collection greenhouses primarily featuring orchids and bromeliads;
  • the climbing plant corridor with several species of passiflora and other flowering tropical climbing plants.