Shale gas & protection of drinking water

Onderzoek Schaliegas & bescherming van drinkwater

Shale gas extraction is a controversial topic. At this moment, the Netherlands does not engage in shale gas extraction. The Dutch government is currently investigating the advantages and the necessity of shale gas and if it can be extracted safely.  

A number of institutes and water businesses started a joint research project out of their own initiative in order to answer the questions on water management in relation to shale gas extraction. Water management is a vital factor in the development of production locations for shale gas extraction. Especially in the initial phase large volumes of water are required for the so-called fracking of the extraction. 

Source: KRW website (in Dutch)

Ongoing research project:

NWO research project ‘Shale gas and water’

ongoing research, duration: 4 years

This research project about the risks and possibilities of shale gas extraction in the Netherlands involves researchers from different disciplines: Utrecht University (Faculty of geosciences and law department of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance), University of Wageningen, KWR Watercycle Research Institute, Brabant Water N.V., Oasen N.V. and Waterleidingmaatschappij Limburg N.V.

Based on mutual efforts by NWO (the Netherlands Organisation of Scientific Research) and the top sector of water management, the research focuses on cooperation and transfer of knowledge between earth and life sciences and the end users. More information: NWO website (in Dutch).

Researchers involved: