onderzoek naar de effecten van overbemesting door het Copernicus Instituut (Faculteit Geowetenschappen)
Controle Azolla-kweek voor Az0-FaSt-project bij Moleculaier P;antenfysiologie
Rupsen die gekweekt worden voor voor onderzoek naar zelfverdediging bij planten.

In the research greenhouses, research is still conducted, especially for the chairs in Landscape Ecology and Plant Ecology and Biodiversity. For example, research is currently being conducted on how an artemisia species from the Mongolian steppes reacts to being covered by sand. Cabbage white caterpillars are being used to find out how thale cress (Arabidopsis thaliana) defends itself. Tobacco plants are grown for genetic research. Our trial cultivation of a ficus from French Guyana proved so successful that it is now being investigated whether this species can be used for reforestation in its original native range.

Staff from the LPP (Laboratory for Palaeobotany and Palynology) at Utrecht University are also conducting research in the research greenhouses into a minuscule water fern (Azolla) with great potential as an agricultural crop.

Outdoors a research project exploring the competitive behaviour of potentilla is being conducted. And seeds from several species of Rumex grown in the nursery are being harvested for further research in the Faculty of Biology.

Eric Gouda is one of the garden's curators. He is conducting taxonomic research on the specialist collection of bromeliads.