Discovery garden

The Discovery Garden (Theme Garden) was  opened in 1995. It appeals to all of the senses: there are plants to smell, see, feel, taste and even hear. It truly is a garden for exploration and discovery. In addition to several permanent themes, including medicinal plants, themes devoted to the various types of inflorescence and flowers and using plants to find one's way around, themes are regularly changed to match the year's education theme .

In het najaar staat het themavak Indianenverhalen volop in bloei.
Rode zonnehoed, Echinacea purpurea in het themavak Komt een plant bij de dokter
Spijkerbroeken in het themavak Verfplanten
Hommel op bloeiende Kardoen
Themavak Bijbelplanten is in stijl ingericht
Overzicht Thematuin met links de medicinale planten

A garden for everyone

The Discovery Garden was specially designed and laid out to make it accessible for people with a disability. Raised path edges help the visually impaired to find their way around and many of the planters are specially arranged to enable wheelchair users to experience the plants at close hand.