From 20 March 2018 onwards you will find the collection of Utrecht University Library in WorldCat. This page contains all the information about the choice to include the collection in WorldCat and the questions and answers you might have about that.

Frequently Asked Questions about the transition to WorldCat

Do you have questions about the use of WorldCat? On this page you will find a collection of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.

Background WorldCat

What is WorldCat?

WorldCat is a catalogue in which you search on three levels: on a worldwide, national and local (Utrecht) level. WorldCat catalogues more than a billion sources, including both print and online collections.

You will find the collection of Utrecht University Library in WorldCat, together with the material of thousands of libraries and publishers worldwide.

Utrecht University Library offers the best possible access to WorldCat with extra search and filter options. You access WorldCat via

WorldCat also has a general access, without these options, that you can use on

Why does Utrecht University Library offer WorldCat?

All over the world more scientific and scholarly information is available than ever before. Since the Utrecht University Library collections only contain a small part of all information which could be of relevance to you, from now on you will find the Utrecht collection in WorldCat, together with thousands of other library collections worldwide. 

This development fits in with the trend that the search for literature increasingly starts in systems that search on a global level.

What is the advantage of WorldCat?

WorldCat makes it possible to search the global, Dutch and Utrecht library collections by using only one single system. You search all the material that has been included in WorldCat, whether it’s journals, articles,  books or other publications. The collection of Utrecht University Library can be found in WorldCat, together with the material of thousands of libraries and publishers worldwide.

Practical information

Where do I find WorldCat?

Utrecht University Library offers the best entry for WorldCat with extra search and filter options. Please go to:

Do I need to set up an account for WorldCat?

On a UU network you have automatic access. When on other networks you need to log in with your Solis ID or UMCU account to get full access to the licensed material of the University Library. If you log in as a guest or with the number on your library card you can search WorldCat, but you will not have access to the digital material for which University Library has a licence.

How do I get hold of the publications I found in WorldCat?

Electronic material

Electronic material is accessible via WorldCat, directly from the search result. Click on the blue button with view full text, view eBook, Access journal, Listen to audio, View now and Access online

Open access articles can always be consulted. To many other digital material the University Library has a license. When you are on campus you have access always and off campus you log in with your Solis ID or UMCU account. Please check the page on online access for more information.


Physical material

Of course WorldCat also offers access to print publications at Utrecht University Library, but also to print material at other Dutch libraries or international libraries.

Local level

It is possible to request physical works from the Utrecht collection. First you click on the title and next on the blue button Request item @UU

Borrowing material via Utrecht University Library from other libraries

Via Utrecht University Library you can request and borrow material from other libraries. You will need a valid Solis ID and valid library card for this. You will receive the invoice after the requested book or article has been delivered.

You request material from other libraries in WorldCat by clicking on the title of the book. Under Availability you find the button  Interlibrary request​ at Libraries Worldwide


You will get an application screen.

  • If you are not yet logged in with your Solis ID from Utrecht University, you still have to log in on a login screen.
  • In the application screen, choose in Patron type whether you are a student, Utrecht University employee, UMC employee or other user. If you’re an employee of Utrecht University or UMC and if you wish your department or division to reimburse the costs of the application,  you must state a WBS number or UMC cost center in the Internal bill field 
  • You can add bibliographical data and comments in the form..
  • If you agreed with the conditions, click on submit request.

You enter your Worldcat portal and receive the confirmation of your request with is request number. You will also see the overview of your other ILL requests in your portal. You can access the overview of your requests and the progress of your requests via the portal.

It may happen that foreign material is not for loan. In that case you must consult the material in the Special Collections Reading Room in the University Library Uithof.

Where will I find an explanation about the use of WorldCat?
I am off campus. How do I log in?

Everybody who is off campus and performs a search in WorldCat gets to see this screen:



  • If you are a Utrecht University student or staff member, click on Sign into Utrecht University Library and enter your Solis ID and password. Next you can search in WorldCat.  If you want to request an item click on:


Now you will be asked to log in again. Choose SolisID voor UU, of UserID for UMC


  • If you are not connected to Utrecht University, choose Continue as guest in the first screen. Next you can perform a search in WorldCat. If you want to request an item, click on the blue button Request item @UU. Choose [nog aanpassen]and log in with the nine digits of the barcode on you library card and the matching password. Please note: Off campus you cannot access the licensed material of Utrecht University Library. You must be on campus to have access to this material.

Search questions

How do I search within the library collection in WorldCat?

Publications from Utrecht University Library automatically appear at the top of the list of search results. In WorldCat there is also an option to filter by material from Utrecht University Library, at the search results left in the screen under Library


How do I find the right edition of a publication?

The most practical way to find a particular edition is to add the year of publication to your search.

You can also click on View all editions and formats. In the list which appears you will find all editions of a publication which are available via Utrecht University Library.

Do you want to make all editions visible in the search results, right from the beginning of your search? Uncheck the box Group related editions and formats at the top left of the list of search results.

WorldCat says that the library holds a publication, but I cannot access it?

It may happen that the links in WorldCat fail/do not work well. In that case search for the title in another search engine, such as Google Scholar and use the UBUlink to get access.

Have a look at the page on online access for more information.

How do I search by author in WorldCat?

If you are looking for all publications by one author in WorldCat, select ‘Author” under Search index in Advanced Search.

Tips when searching for an author:

  • Only search by the last name of the author. In some title descriptions only the initials of the author are used and they will not show if your search includes the first name.
  • If you have to many results, use the author filters in the search results
  • In the search field “author” you can also search by associated institution (?)
I perform the same search but the results differ. Why?

WorldCat is a dynamic system. New titles and data are added to the system continuously. That is why you find other search results if you consult WorldCat.

How do I find rare manuscripts, maps, sheet music, test material etc?

In the LibGuide Special materials you will find the best way to find certain special material types in WorldCat. These material types are:

  • Rare manuscripts
  • Old and rare printed books
  • Maps and atlases
  • Sheet music
  • Test materials

If you have any questions about looking for these material types in WorldCat, please contact us


If you have any other questions please contact the library via