Utrecht University Repository

The Utrecht University Repository is the scientific archive of Utrecht University. This archive is a University Library service. The contents of the archive are searchable via NARCIS, the Dutch national portal for scientific information.

Why archive your publications in Utrecht University Repository?


  • Inclusion of publications in Utrecht University Repository enhances the visibility and findability of your publications

Publications in the archive are visible in Narcis and can be found by search engines such as Google Scholar and Base Search. An automatic link will be made between your profile page on the university website and the publication in the archive.


  • You increase the impact of your research

Where possible publications are made freely accessible (Open Access). By Open Access your publication will be read more often and there is a greater chance the publication will be cited.


  • The scientific output of Utrecht University collected in one place

Together with other scientific institutions in the Netherlands, the University Library has entered into an agreement with the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The Hague to ensure  sustainable preservation. And your publications remain available with the help of  a permanent URL.

What does the library do for me?

The University Library searches the full text of the publications that are registered in PURE and adds them to the repository. This applies to both UU publications and UMCU publications. The library will notify you as soon as the publication is made publicly available.

If possible the official publisher’s version will become open access available in the Utrecht University Repository. The University Library always checks first if this is allowed with a view to copyright and after which period (embargo period). If this is not permitted, we will offer some alternatives. It often turns out that publication of the final author’s version is possible however.

What can I do?

You are helping the library by including the full text of your publication in PURE yourself. In a number of cases the publication will only become open access available if you take action yourself:


  • The publisher’s version cannot be made available in Open Access, but the author’s version can

The library does not possess author’s versions of articles, so it needs your help to make them available. Please, send the author’s version to repository@uu.nl or upload your article in PURE, after which the library (if permitted) makes it open access available.


  • The publication was registered before 1 January 2014 in PURE or Metis

On 1 January 2014 the library started adding the full text of publications which are registered in PURE. The library does not backdate publications which had already been registered before that date. If you do so yourself in PURE, the library will still check if open access availability is permitted.


  • Printed publications

The library does not possess electronic versions of articles in print journals and (chapters from) books. When you upload them yourself in PURE, the library checks if making them open access available is permitted.

More information

Publishers and journals each apply different rules for making publications open access available. An overview of the rules for each journal can be found on SherpaRomeo.

Instructions on how to submit your publications to Utrecht University Repository can be found on the Utrecht University intranet.

The Copyright Information Office provides information about copyright in the academic setting.

Any questions? 

Please send an email to library@uu.nl