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Uopen Journals provides a publishing platform for ambitious researchers or recently formed editorial boards (Utrecht related) that wish to publish an online open access journal. Editors managing existing journals that would like to make the switch to open access or expand in open access are suitable for our platform as well. Are you interested or do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Uopen Journals Publishing Expertise


The Uopen Journals team offers advice and support regarding various open access publishing activities to affiliated editorial boardsWithin the boundaries of our incubator model we help leading their peer reviewed journals to stability and growth. We have already supported over 25 editorial boards.

Utrecht University related researchers that are looking for some guidance in open access publishing can also ask for our advice! Find out more details about our expertise or contact us via

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Uopen Journals shares her open access publishing expertise not only with the affiliated editorial boards, but also with the entire international academic community. Follow Uopen Journals on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay updated.


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