Dataverse is managed by DANS and allows you to archive and share datasets.


Storing and managing various kinds of data online

  • DataverseNL is a service for archiving and publishing research data on several organisational levels (for instance faculties, institutions, reseach groups, projects) within Dutch universities.
  • DataverseNL offers the possibility to store and share online a large variety of scientific data, independent of file format, in a secure and sustainable way up to a maximum of 2 GB per file.
  • By making your research data accessible via DataverseNL you meet the requirements of funders and of the University Policy Framework for Research Data.
  • DataverseNL is not suitable for storing (privacy) sensitive data.

Use of DataverseNL

DataverseNL can be consulted online anywhere, anytime. You log in with your Solis ID. As Utrecht University researcher you can use DataverseNL in two ways:

  • In your faculty dataverse you can, after having logged in, simply create a dataset yourself (see this manual). After a check if the data is complete, the matching descriptive information will be published by the administrator of the faculty dataverse. If the datafiles themselves are made public by then, or only afterwards on request, is for you to decide.
  • Within your faculty dataverse you can apply for your own dataverse for your department or project. This may be viewed as your own repository, and is managed by you. You are the one who decides who is entitled within your dataverse to create, edit and publish datasets, and who gets access to what parts of your dataverse. Within each dataverse it is possible to ask researchers creating a dataset there for extra descriptive metadata. Other interesting options: placing a banner in your own dataverse and becoming part of a website.

You can refer to your dataset with the help of a persistent URL, making the dataset permanently accessible. By means of the persistent URL in data citation, others may refer to your data, giving you the credit for your work. Is your dataset not open and is it necessary that reviewers get access all the same? No problem in DataverseNL.

How to apply for a Dataverse and costs

To apply for your own dataverse within your faculty dataverse, please send an email to:

To create a dataset in your own faculty dataverse, you log in to: (Solis ID and matching password). You can immediately start with filling in descriptive metadata, uploading files and offering material up for reviews (see this manual).

For now Utrecht University researchers and lecturers can use DataverseNL free of charge. In any case, the service will remain available without costs up to a 5 GB data storage. If additional storage is required a fee may be issued in the future. As an indication: around €4.50 per GB per year.

More information

The University Library offers help and information. Please contact one of the specialists at the library or send an email to