• The submission of theses is not mandatory for USE students, therfore, students do not have to print the license form.
  • For information from the faculty, contact the Student desk Economics, t: 030 253 4283, e: studentdesk@econ.uu.nl or studiepunt@econ.uu.nl.

Within a short time after the submission, you will receive a URL which you can use to link to your thesis in the archive.
By distributing this link, you can share your research with others. 

Would you like to put your thesis online?  Download the instructions (pdf) and read the following explanation carefully.

Three important steps

  1. Complete the one time registration for D-Space at: https://dspace.library.uu.nl:8443/password-login
  2. Go to D-space. LOG IN AGAIN.
  3. Upload your thesis in the collection: "USE scripties". Be careful to choose the appropriate collection that contains the word "scripties".