Handing in the master’s thesis/graduation research

All students of our Faculty put their master’s theses in the University Library Master's / Bachelor's thesis archive. This is compulsory to meet the requirements for graduation.

The thesis is to be uploaded through:

Please pay attention to the following:

  • Theses are public and easily accessible for consultation, unless you choose for a ban on publication or embargo (for more details see frequently asked questions)
  • When uploading it is compulsory to give, besides the basic data, keywords (max.10) and an abstract, all of them in the language used in the thesis.
  • The data put in as well as the thesis are checked on their content and should be accorded before the complete examination file will definitively be submitted to the Board of Examiners.
  • Be cautious when including personal details (e.g. telephone numbers) in your student thesis.
  • When the master’s thesis has been accorded it will automatically be recorded in the Students Theses Archive after the passing of the date of your examination.
  • The master’s thesis has to be uploaded in pdf format. Other formats will be refused. Only theses which have been submitted as unprotected PDFs will remain accessible and readable. Protected PDFs may be submitted, but in that case Utrecht University Library cannot guarantee sustainable accessibility. 
  • The mail of confirmation generated from the system will automatically be sent to the examination administration of our Faculty indicating that the thesis has been “uploaded”.

For further information on the above-mentioned, please contact Student desk Geosciences.

Converting documents to PDF files

On the public computers of the University Library and in the computer rooms of the Van Unnik- Langeveld- and Ruppert buildings you are provided with the possibility to convert documents to the PDF format.

One may do this by ‘printing’ the document to a virtual printer.

In Microsoft Word:

  • Choose from the menu File: Print *
  • Select the virtual printer (PDF995 or PrimoPDF) and confirm with OK
  • A window will appear, prompting you for a filename and location to save the file
  • Save with the Create PDF or Save * button, depending on the PDF printer used.

Because the result may look different from the source document it’s recommendable to compare both documents in order to determine whether or not the result is acceptable. In either case you should keep the source document as the created PDF document can’t easily be modified.

* Or a translation thereof, depending on the language set.

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