Library services to support distance learning

Growing number of scientific sources, and teaching resources, available open and free during coronavirus crisis

Universities around the world are talking with major publishers to see if they want to make their scientific literature, but also their teaching resources (both of which are often behind a pay-wall) freely available during this Covid-19 crisis. Many publishers are responding positively to this request and are opening their journals, articles and teaching materials to everyone. For example,  many textbooks and the accompanying teaching materials are now available as ebooks without restrictions. The website of SURF shows a overview of the initiatives (in Dutch). Questions about the availability of specific resources for your education? Contact us through

Share teaching materials via the UU educational repository Figshare

Figshare is a platform (managed by UU) that all UU lecturers can use to upload teaching materials. You can then either publish them openly or share with a particular group via a private link. It is particularly useful to compile a collection of educational material and to share it with your students and colleagues by only one link.

Use the online resources of the library to teach students how to use scientific sources

The university library invested in online resources in the past year. There is now a modular online training (Compass) that students can do themselves by making assignments and watching knowledge clips.  Students earn a badge at the completion of each module. In addition, you could use our LibGuides containing all kinds of topics that you as a teacher want to spend as little valuable time on as possible.

Online education and copyright

Offering education completely online raises many new questions about copyright issues. On the Copyright Information Office site you will find a handy overview of tips for using online sources in your education in a responsible manner. If you need help, please contact us at