Borrowing, returning, fines during the coronavirus crisis

Borrowing material

At this moment borrowing material is possible for staff and students of Utrecht University (UU) and UMC Utrecht (UU) only. See access to the collections during the coronavirus measures.

Returning and renewing material for UU/UMCU

Staff and students of UU/UMCU can return items in the library in the USP from Monday to Friday, 13:00 - 16:00 hrs. Renewing the loan on materials is possible through WorldCat.*

*Renewing through WorldCat looks slightly different, see our information and tips on using WorldCat.

Materials on loan automatically renewed for non UU/UMCU

At this moment sadly we can't welcome visitors that are not staff or students at Utrecht University. For these users of the library it is not possible to return borrowed materials. It is also currently not possible to renew borrowed materials yourself. The library will therefore automatically renew all loaned materials. You will receive a notification when it will be possible to return the items on loan.

No fines during coronavirus measures

The library has decided to waive all outstanding fines and not to impose new fines, also until at least June 15.