Facilities University Library City Centre

Study places

The University Library City Centre has study places with and without computers and places available for groups. Utrecht University staff and students can reserve group study rooms via Room reservations.

Study places with computer

All but ten of the computers in the University Library City Centre are intended exclusively for University students and staff. You'll find these four computers on the ground floor, opposite the Service desk and on the first floor in zone A.
There are also printcomputers for students and staff of the University Utrecht and guests with a login code ('Solis-ID')

To find free study places with computers, please go to studyspot.

Study places without computer

There are also study places without computers. When you stay away from your study place for more than 30 minutes, your things will be put aside and another visitor may take your place.  N.B.: Saving study places for fellow students is not allowed.

Photocopying, printing and scanning

The units are located at various places in the building, see the map.

Wireless network

Wireless network is available.