Returning and renewing

When the loan period expires you must return the borrowed material or renew the loan period.

Loan period​

  • The standard loan period is 28 days.
  • The loan period of some materials (for instance journals that are for loan, DVDs or testing material) is shorter; seven or fourteen days.

As long as the material you borrowed has not been reserved by someone else, the loan period can be renewed up to one year (each time for 28 days).

  • Do you want to keep the borrowed items for longer than a year? In that case please show your books at the service desk. Next you can start renewing the material again every four weeks up to a period of one year.

You will be fined for not returning materials on time.


You use the self-return machines on one of our locations to return books and other borrowed material. If you return books by post they must be properly wrapped and stamped. Sending the material by post is at your own risk.

Ways to renew the loan period

You can renew the loan period of books and other borrowed material in the following ways: