Borrowing from other libraries

If Utrecht University Library does not have the book or jounal you are looking for, you can request the material from other libraries in the Netherlands and from foreign libraries via the university library. Sometimes it is only possible to consult the items on one of our locations.You request the material via WorldCat by means of an Interlibrary Request. This service is not free of charge.

To request material from other libraries you need a valid library card and (guest) Solis ID. After your request has been delivered, you will receive an invoice.

Please note: It may happen that foreign material is not for loan but for consultation only. In that case you must consult the material in the Special Collections Reading Room in the University Library Utrecht Science Park.

Requesting material with Interlibrary Request

Under Availability and Libraries Worldwide in WorldCat you find the button Interlibrary request​.


IBL aanvraag in Worldcat

Please note: the system determines to which library the request is sent. You cannot influence this process.


How to use Interlibrary Request
  • Choose [Interlibrary Request] to open the application screen.
  • If you are not logged in, a login screen will appear first.
  • Log in with your Solis ID and password.
  • Is this the first time you log in? If so, you will see a request from the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) to share your data.
  • Give permission to share your data.
  • Now the application screen opens in a new window. Most of your request data are already entered. You need to add some extra data.
  • Under Book Request Form you may add some extra bibliographic data.
  • Under My address and contact information at Patron type* choose the applicable option (student, Utrecht University staff member, UMCU staff member or other user).
  • Are you a staff member of Utrecht University or of UMCU? In the field Internal bill you may indicate that your department reimburses the costs of the request.
  • If necessary fill in a WBS number or UMCU cost centre.
  • Tick the box I Accept* to accept the terms and conditions.
  • Confirm your request with [Submit request].
  • Now you see in your WorldCat portal the confirmation of your request including an application number.

Costs of Interlibrary Loans

Having material from other libraries sent to Utrecht is not free of charge. View the rates on our price list.

Medewerkers van de Universiteit Utrecht en het Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht kunnen bij de aanvraag aangeven dat hun departement de kosten van de aanvraag vergoedt. Zie hiervoor de bovenstaande werkwijze.

Staff members of Utrecht University and University Medical Center Utrecht can have the costs of their interlibrary requests reimbursed by their departments. If you wish to do so, please follow the instructions under How to use Interlibrary Request.


You are obliged to follow the ILL regulations.

Borrowing free of charge or at a discount from other libraries

As a Utrecht University student or staff member, you can borrow books free of charge from all other Dutch university libraries and the library of the Hogeschool Utrecht. 
Utrecht University students can register as borrowers at a 50 % discount at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library of the Netherlands).