VKCs combine an online work environment and an online library and are managed by research groups. As a rule, they are used for collaboration and for sharing research results with third parties.

What does a VKC have to offer?

A Virtual Knowledge Centre is more than a safely secured work environment. In a VKC It is possible to:

  • collaborate with (international) fellow researchers in a shared work environment
  • work on your own documents in your personal workspace
  • keep the planning of your projects up-to-date
  • check out events, announcements, blogs of fellow-researchers and add your own
  • share (preliminary) research results
  • share relevant links
  • store and share data

In addition to a restricted part every VKC has a public part, containing for instance an overview of all research projects and access to (public) research data and publications.

The University Library stores all data and safeguards sustainabilty (access and storage) and offers the expertise to construct the VKC so you can focus on the content.


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