Dataverse is a service from DANS with which you can archive and share datasets.

Store and maintain various kinds of data online

DataverseNL is meant for research groups and projects from Universities in the Netherlands. It offers the oportunity to store a large variety of scientific data online in a safe and sustainable way. Texts and raw scientific data, but also photographs and entire databases, with a maximum of 2 GB per file. This could be digital research material as well as material meant for teaching.

Researchers keep control of the data

Using Dataverse, researchers can open up their research data in a user friendly way. This gives them the opportunity to share their data with others who might be interested. Of course, the researcher keeps control over who gets access to what material. Another option which makes Dataverse interesting for researchers is the possibility to refer to saved datasets using a URL and to link that to scientific publications. DataverseNL uses persistent URL’s rendering data permanently accessable, even if the data is moved to a different location. Within a Dataverse different rights can be assigned to users: User, Staff or Curator.

How to apply for a Dataverse and costs

The service can be installed on every computer and is accessable online using your Solis-id, so you can always maintain your own data. For the time being Dataverse is Free of charge for researchers and assistant professors at Utrecht University. It's free for others up to 5 GB worth of storage. If additional storage is required, a fee may be issued in the future. These costs will be a maximum of €7,50 per GB per year.

You can apply for a Dataverse by sending an email to To log in to Dataverse go to and use your Solis-id and password. You can then start uploading, saving, archiving and opening your data straight away.

More information

Please contact one of the specialists at the Utrecht University Library
Email your questions to