Course reserve shelves

Teachers can apply for a course reserve shelve. This means that the library places a number of books on a separate shelf for the duration of a course. During that period these books will not be available for loan, so that several students can work with the books.

The course reserve shelves of Law, Economics and Governance are located in Zone A , on the first floor in bookcase A1.07, arranged by collection. The books can be recognized in the catalogue when the call number consists the word collegeplank. The course reserve shelves of Humanities are situated near the photocopiers on the groud floor in zone D. It is possible to search the catalog to search for what books are on the course reserve shelves. Fill in at Type word(s) or phrase: UBBTC and search method: search all fields . Alternatively search: UBBTC  at Type word(s) or phrase (followed by) the name of the course reserve shelf in search method.

Where do I find the course reserve shelves of Humanities?

You can search by the name of the teacher or the name of the course to find the right bookcase and shelf number.

How to organize a course reserve shelf for Humanities

  1. You apply for a shelf by means of the web form apply for a course reserve shelf or directly at the Servicedesk. The following information is required : name of the course, the name of the teacher, start and end dates of the course.
  2. You present the books that are to be placed on the course shelf at the Servicedesk. You can also request books in the catalogue. Please add in the free note that the requested book is for the course reserve shelf.
    Please note:
  • Course reserve shelves are meant for books that are for loan. Periodicals and dictionaries can therefore not be placed on the course shelves.
  • Library books that have been borrowed via Inter Library Loan (IBL) cannot be put on the course reserve shelves
  • Books that are private property can only be put on the course reserve shelf after consultation with the lecturer.
  • Materials that cannot be handled via the library system, are registered on a separate list.
  • A course participant may borrow a book from the course shelf only with written permission of the teacher of the course. In that case, the book will be removed from the course shelf definitely and follow the regular loan procedure.
  1. At the end of the course, after the date agreed, the library staff will remove the reserve materials from the course shelf.
  2. The teacher is responsible for the use of the course reserve shelves. The books on the course shelves are always secured against theft. The library is not liable for loss or damage of private materials placed on the course shelves.
  3. The teacher is responsible for the use of the course shelves.