Library staff will determine whether the physical condition of the material allows the taking of photographs. In some cases, you are allowed to make digital recordings, in other cases they may be made by library staff only.

  • After consulting the library staff, you are allowed to make copies of maps, manuscripts and early printed or rare books by means of a digital camera. You may take photographs using the corner of the Special Collections desk, unless the curator decides otherwise. The use of flash is forbidden.
  • You can use the digital camera available at the desk. You can save the photographs on your own memory stick or buy one at the service desk on the first floor.
  • The images are for personal use only. If you want to photograph manuscripts you will have to fill in an application form. To protect the fragile material you are not allowed to take more than 25 photographs from one book.
  • An A3 scanner is also available in the Map Room. Depending on the condition of the material (published after 1900), you may scan it yourself. The files must be saved on a USB stick.
  • Requests for copies can be made at the desk or afterwards by using the contact page. The reproductions, together with the bill, will be sent to your home address. To check the rates, see our price-list.