Journal articles

Are you searching for journal articles? On this page you will find a list of options.

Searching for specific articles

Do you already have some data of the article, such as the exact title or words from the title, the author(s) or the title of the journal? A multidisciplinary search engine such as Google Scholar and WorldCat is a good start.

Electronic journals

Do you know the title and volume of the journal? In our list of electronic journals you will find the current and cancelled subscriptions in alphabetical order. You can also search by subject, or by publisher (Advanced Search > Vendor).


Have you found what you were looking for? Click on the title of the article or on the UBU-link next to the title. The link gives you information about the availability of the article.

Search by subject

 Are you looking for an article by subject? We recommend the following general search engines:

These databases contain information about electronic and print journals. Also here the UBU-link gives information about the availability of the publication via the library.

There are also specialised search engines for a particular discipline, for instance:

Would you like to know what search engines are relevant for your discipline? Have a look at the search engines by discipline.

Not available in Utrecht University Library?

Doesn't the University Library have a subscription to the journal? Worldcat will show you what other Dutch libraries hold the journal.

Further information

In the Libguide Search Strategy you will find more information.