PiCarta is the Dutch national catalogue. If the University Library does not hold the publication, you can check PiCarta to see if it is available in other Dutch libraries.


What will you find in PiCarta?

PiCarta is a central catalogue containing the collections of over 400 Dutch libraries, including all university libraries. You will find descriptions of journal articles, books and other document types in all disciplines.

More information about access can be found on the page Online Access.

Searching in PiCarta

PiCarta might be useful if you want to find out more about a subject. PiCarta offers several search options, such as searching by keywords or authors. Saving and sharing titles is also possbible. Under the Help tab you wil find extensive infomation about search strategies.

In PiCarta use the link "Available at UB Utrecht" to see if your item is available at the University Library.

Click on the link "Available at" to see which other libraries have your item available. 

Want to find out more about Picarta?

For more information have a look at the LibGuide PiCarta or view the demos (in Dutch only) of Amsterdam University Library.


Do you have any questions about using PiCarta? Please ask at the service desks or contact us at library@uu.nl