UU Easy Access - Browser extension (beta)

When you are searching for literature online, but not connected to a UU network, the UU Easy Access browser extension gives you access to scientific sources made available by the University Library.

Access from home

Just like the Get Access button the extension gives you online access to scientific literature. When you are not connected to the Eduroam network the UU Easy Access browser extension helps you to get online access. You can consult electronic databases the library has a licence to.

UBU Easy Access Chrome Browser extensie

How to use UU Easy Access

The UU Easy Access browser extension shows an icon in the bookmarks bar. It works the same way as a traffic light. If the icon is green, you are logged in. If it is red, you can still log in. You need to enter your Solis ID. The extension may generate an automatic pop-up screen if you visit a source the library has a licence to.


Installation of UU Easy Access

The browser extension is only available for Google Chrome and on desktop computers (not on mobile devices). Install the UU Easy Access extension in the Chrome Web Store. Click on Add to Chrome.

Source code

Download the source code from Github.