Get Access button

The Get Access button offers off-campus access to online resources which you have not found via the website of the University Library.

The Get Access button does not work in Internet Explorer and the button only works in Firefox on Apple MacBooks. We are looking for a solution

Installing the Get Access button

Works in Firefox & Chrome

You install the button by dragging the button below to your bookmarks bar. You only have to do this once. Please note: on an Apple MacbBook this only works in Firefox. Next a button called "Get Access" will appear in your bookmarks bar.

How does the Get Access button work?

No access to online resources if you are looking for them off-campus? Then you click on the Get Access button in your bookmarks bar to find out if you have access to these resources. A login screen appears. You log in with your Solis ID and pasword and will have access during the whole of your browser session. Please note: you can only get access to resources to which the library has a subscription.

No access?

When you do not succeed in getting access by using the Get Access button, you could try the overview of search engines.


Any questions about the Get Access button? Please send an email to