In your search for scholarly literature you may sometimes find the UBUlink. This link provides information about the availability of the publication via the University Library, in digital as well as in paper format.

UBUlink, quickly to the publication

In the case of digital publications the UBUlink provides direct access. For print publications the UBUlink gives information about availability at Utrecht University Library. 

Different looks of the UBUlink

Sometimes the UBUlink is a red button, but it can also be a text link.


In Google Scholar you will find the UBUlink in the right hand column, next to the search results.


In some cases Google Scholar shows a textual UBUlink under the button 'More'.

UBUlink Google Scholar

How does the UBUlink work?

If you click on the UBUlink you will be led directly, if possible, to the electronic version of the publication.


On the right hand side you will see a yellow bar. If you click on the yellow side bar you will find the data of the publication you have been directed to at the top. Below you will find a number of other options to get hold of the publication.


If you click on the button “More’  a menu will appear. In this menu you will again find  several ways to consult the publication and also links to pages with more information.


When is the UBUlink shown?

The UBUlink is one of the options to get online access to publications. Unfortunately, the link is not available in all search engines. Moreover, it does not always automatically show.

Do you want to be certain that the UBUlink is shown in the systems, if available? If you do, we recommend you to use the links to the university library search engines. If you follow these links, the search engine "knows" that you want to see the UBUlink  and the link will be shown if possible.

The UBUlink is not shown in all search engines, but you can be sure the following do:

Google Scholar (with UBUlink) 

PubMed (with UBUlink)

Other search engines with UBUlinks can be found in:

Overview of search engines


Any questions about the UBUlink? Please send an email to library@uu.nl.