Compass – online training information literacy skills

Information literacy skills help you to find, evaluate and process scientific information. After completing this two hour training you will have acquired the necessary skills to get started for your assignment or paper.

The training consists of four modules, each taking about 30 minutes of your time. You can either take the entire course or work through each of these modules separately:

  1. Finding and accessing information
  2. Setting up your search
  3. Evaluating your sources
  4. Storing and using sources

The training is also available in Dutch.

How to get started

Go to the training with the yellow button.

  • The first time you need to register with your uu-emailaddress.
  • Each time you go back to the training after registration, you need to log in with your Solis-id.

Please note:
If you don't see the Compass training in your course overview after registration, you need to refresh the page after a few minutes.

Questions about Compass?

Mail to