Publishing teaching material

Are you a Utrecht University lecturer and have you created digital teaching material that you wish to share quickly and easily with your students or colleagues? Why not store your work in the figshare educational repository?

Utrecht University uses figshare as a platform to enable lecturers to store their material created within Utrecht University in a sustainable way, as well as to make it findable and share it with others. You are the one who decides in what way you want to share your material. It is possible to publish your teaching material openly through the use of a persistent identifier and a Creative Commons license.

In publishing teaching material there are many similarities with publishing research output. Are we talking about an original work? Are the references to the works done correctly? We advise you to think carefully about these matters before you click on 'Publish'. The university library is happy to help by offering tailor-made advice on topics such as ownership, licenses and plagiarism.

Find out more?

Visit the page about the educational repository or ask UB Publishing Support at