Open Access Fund

Utrecht University researchers may call on our Open Access Fund to have their expenses for open access publications reimbursed.

Open Access Fund 2022 - full reimbursement

In 2022 the Open Access Fund will refund all costs of publishing articles in full open access journals, under the condition that the article processing charge (APC) amounts to a maximum of €2,500. The reimbursement used to be 50% of the costs of the publication with a maximum reimbursement of 1,000 euros.

Conditions of the OA Fund 2022

From 1 January 2022 onwards, the OA Fund will reimburse the costs of open access for:

  • Publications by authors from Utrecht University without external funding (1st flow)
  • Articles with an APC of up to €2,500 (excl. VAT) the full publication costs are reimbursed.(For articles with an APC higher than 2,500 euro (excl. VAT) no costs are refunded)
  • For open access books, a maximum compensation of 4,000 euro per book is available.

The following additional conditions apply:

  • You are the corresponding author for the article and employed by Utrecht University or the Utrecht University Medical Centre.
  • You submit your application with invoice as soon as possible, in any case within 6 months after publication. The costs will be reimbursed to the faculty/department where you work as a corresponding author.
  • For journal articles: The journal is listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals.
  • For books: You publish an open access book with a publisher listed in the Directory of Open Access Books.

The Open Access Fund does not reimburse costs for:

  • Articles and chapters in hybrid (i.e. not fully open access) publications.
  • Dissertations.
  • Non-OA related costs such as page charges and colour charges.
  • Publications resulting from external research funding (e.g. NWO, EC, ERC) are not eligible, as these can be financed from project funds.

Open Access Fund applications

Please apply for reimbursement by filling in the Open Access Fund application form, and attach a scan of your invoice. If your application meets the requirements below, 100% of the costs will be refunded to the faculty/department where the (corresponding) author is employed, under the condition that the article processing charge (APC) amounts to a maximum of €2,500. Your application will be confirmed.

Please contact the library beforehand if you want the costs for open access books refunded.

Please note: payment from the Open Access Fund is paid in arrears and only to divisions of Utrecht University or the University Medical Center Utrecht.