Open access to scientific sources during the coronavirus crisis

Open Access to COVID-19 and related research

In the current crisis of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, it is of utmost importance that researchers, teachers, students, professionals, journalists and others have access to scientific information without as few barriers as possible. The national open access platform bundles information on this topic, consisting of:

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Take advantage of the growing group of publishers that now offer their scientific literature, as well as their teaching materials, free and open

Universities around the world are talking with major publishers to see if they want to make their scientific literature, but also their teaching resources (both of which are often behind a pay-wall or restricted in use) openly available during this coronavirus crisis. Here it must be said that part of the literature is already published open access. Many publishers are responding positively to this and are opening their journals, articles and teaching materials to everyone. For specific questions about the availability of sources please contact us through