Publishing educational materials

The sharing of (open) educational material is becoming increasingly important. Utrecht University Library supports lecturers with this by offering and developing support for the (open) sharing of educational materials.

Within Utrecht University, teachers work tirelessly to develop new digital course materials. Be it in ‘traditional’ forms like presentations and syllabi or in the shape of more ‘innovative’ e-modules: the amount of digital learning materials is growing. Some materials, like e-lectures, are stored centrally. Other materials are being stored on hard drives and USB thumb drives, making the possibility of reuse more difficult. The fact is that the quality of education will improve if teachers use tools to share their materials. Exchange of information beyond the boundaries of the degree programme, faculty, and university creates new collaboration opportunities.

The library focuses primarily on scientific output, but we see opportunities to contribute to the sharing of educational material based on our expertise. That is why we follow the national developments in this area and participate in the development of services within the UU to inform, advise and train lecturers in the FAIR sharing of their learning materials. In addition, the library develops its own services to best meet the needs of teachers.


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