Submitting a student thesis

Student theses for most study programmes at Utrecht University should be uploaded in the digital Student Theses Archive. You'll find some guidelines on this page. Some faculties may ask for additional requirements or use different procedures.

Submitting a thesis to the Student Theses Archive

  • Upload your thesis via Online Theses
  • Upload the definitive version of your thesis without comments and remarks
  • Theses should be submitted in PDF. This way they will remain permanently accessible and readable. If you want to submit your thesis in a different format, please contact the library via to inquire about the possibilities.

Submitting a thesis, information by faculty

Ask your supervisor or your faculty student desk for specific rules regarding your study programme.

  • Veterinary Medicine has a different procedure for submitting theses (in Dutch).
  • Humanities: information about submitting theses
  • Geosciences: add keywords (max.10) and an abstract, all of them in the language used in the thesis
  • Social sciences: information about submitting master theses
Theses & copyright

When you upload a thesis in the Student Theses Archive of Utrecht University, you must make sure that you have not violated copyrights in your thesis. You will be held responsible for any copyright violation.

Will your thesis be publicly accessible?
  • The basic principle is that theses/research reports are freely accessible in the archives
  • It may be that your thesis needs to be embargoed. Discuss this with your teacher or supervisor. You can opt for a (temporary or permanent) ban: only your name, title, year, faculty and supervisor are visible
  • You should be cautious about providing personally identifiable information, for instance telephone numbers and/or email addresses


When will your thesis be published in the archive?
  • Your thesis will appear in the archive as soon as your exam date has been registered.
  • If you have written a thesis together with another student, then it will be made available on the date on which the first of you has graduated.