Get an ORCID iD to increase the visibility of your research and to save time with manuscript submissions or grant applications.

What is an ORCID iD?

An ORCID iD is a personal identifier for researchers. ORCID is free, open, non-commercial and community-driven.

It is what ISBN is for books and DOI for articles and data. Each ORCID iD is a unique string of 4 times 4 digits: 0000-0001-6022-2666. This ensures that research systems and services know who you are, even when you have a lot of (near) namesakes in the same discipline.

It provides you with a unique and persistent personal identifier and a webpage, on which your research output will get updated automatically. Your ORCID iD is interoperable between different institutions so you can use the same ORCID iD no matter where you work or who funds your research.

Why should I get it?

Using an ORCID iD could ensure that you receive credit for your work. ORCID is independent and supported by many organizations in the research ecosystem. Therefore an ORCID iD ensures you will get recognized more easily. You can use your ORCID iD for grant applications, for manuscript submissions, for peer review and for membership of organisations. An ORCID iD will also facilitate the maintenance of researcher profiles such as SCOPUS and ResearcherID. Get the most benifit by populating your account with your academic output. This can be an automatic process by using it with Crossref for example.

ORCID and Pure

Pure is the research information system of Utrecht University. Research output of Utrecht University reserachres gets collected in Pure, from there it for example will be shown on the profile pages. Pure offers possibilities for (semi)automated collection of research output. By adding your ORCID iD to Pure your outpur can be added quicker, more easily and more accurate.

You can add your ORCID iD by going to your 'Personal overview' in Pure and then selecting 'Edit profile'. There you can click on the option 'Create or Connect your ORCID iD". (Specific information about adding your ORCID iD to Pure for staff of UMC Utrecht can be found on Connect.)

Screenshot van Pure waarin u de optie om ORCID te koppelen ziet

You can add an existing ORCID iD or follow the steps to create one. You can use any e-mail adress for your ORCID iD, this doesn't have to be your university's e-mail adress.

How do I get it?

Go to ORCID.org and create an ORCID iD in three easy steps.

Need help?

If you have any further questions or you need more help creating and populating your ORCID iD please don’t hesitate to contact us.