What can I do myself?

Has your interest been piqued and would you like to play an active role in open access? Here are some things you can do:

By creating an ORCID iD you increase the visibility of your research and save time when submitting manuscripts and funding applications.

Do the Visibility Check

How visible are you for your (international) colleagues? And how about the visibility of your academic output?
Complete this checklist and in a few minutes' time you will know the extent of your online academic visibility.

To the Visibility Check

Join an academic network

At How can I share it you will read more about staying in touch with your fellow researchers via academic networks.

Some not-for-profit networks:

Join the Open Science Community Utrecht

Curious to find out more about open acces and open science and would you like to know or do more? Why not visit the website of Open Science Community Utrecht?

Keep up-to-date of the developments in open access

  • In the case of Plan S find your information with the Harvard Tag Tool.
  • Or have a look at the global initiative OA2020.