UU Easy Access is a browser extension for Google Chrome that makes it easier to access digital content provided by Utrecht University Library.

When you are off-campus, you can use the UU Easy Access-browser extension to read electronic journal articles, e-books, reviews and other online material provided by the University Library without having to visit the library website first.

UBU Easy Access Chrome Browser extensie

How to use UU Easy Access

When you consult journals or search engines Utrecht University Library is subscribed to, a notification will appear. By clicking on this notification, you will be redirected to a login page. You need a Solis ID to log in. UU Easy Access is for off-campus use only; when you study on-campus the plug-in is turned off.

How to install UU Easy Access

Currently the browser extension is only available for Google Chrome and on desktop computers. Install the UU Easy Access extension in the Chrome Web Store. Click on Add to Chrome. No user of Google Chrome yet? Install Google Chrome here.

Source code

Download the source code from Github.


By using the Easy Access plug-in, access to the content of over 4,000 journals and search engines is simplified. Do you miss your favourite journal or search engine or do you have other remarks or suggestions? Please let us know by filling in the feedback form.