Weekend van de Wetenschap at Utrecht Science Park

Kernbeeld Weekend van de Wetenschap 2019
Foto: Jelle Draper

Experience science! On Sunday 3 October 2021 Utrecht University will open its doors in the Utrecht Science Park for young and old. Join a lecture on dinosaurs or brains, examine a box full of bones or dive into the world of animal smuggling.

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Weekend van de Wetenschap during recent years

The Weekend of Science was cancelled in 2020 due to the coronavirus. Utrecht University offered an alternative on 4 October 2020: Operatie Breinbreker (in Dutch). During the varied show, presented by Boy from Quest Junior, researchers from Utrecht University explained what they break their heads about.

With 2.500 visitors and 36 activities, Utrecht University experienced a successful edition in 2019.

Also take a look at the video impression of the program of 2018.

Video impression of the program of 2018 (film: Jarno Verhoef)