Unraveling the physical world through its virtual counterpart.

Center for Virtual Worlds

In the Center for Virtual Worlds, we explore real-world problems through a digital lens. Our field addresses not only computer modelled environments where virtual characters move around and manipulate (or are affected by) virtual objects, but also the way robotics perceive the physical world around them and how this can benefit their actions.

Our Research

The scope of the research  of the division of Virtual Worlds within the department of Information and Computing sciences includes:

  • Automated world construction (either from data or procedurally generated).
  • The analyses and animation of characters and crowds that interact dynamically (and realistically) to each other and their environment.
  • The capture and synthesis of object manipulation.
  • All aspects of the visualisation of virtual worlds.

These themes play an important role in entertainment and (serious) games; which in turn have a major application in health, disaster management, recreation, and education. Our goal is not just to create worlds that act and behave as they are intended. We also try to learn, understand, and predict the physical through its virtual counterpart. This allows us to apply our research beyond bits and bytes.

Our work is presented in greater detail on the page of the Virtual Worlds research group.


Within the centre for Virtual Worlds we co-manage and lecture in the two-year research master program Game and Media Technology, in which approximately 40 students enroll each year.

Research Collaborations

We are always interested in research collaborations on all themes within virtual worlds; both with research institutes as well as companies. Please contact us if you want to discuss opportunities for collaboration.