Diversity Workshop

UYA members lead a workshop on Diversity
Dr. João Trabucho Alexandre and Dr. Linda van Laake (in collaboration with Dr. Fenella Fleischmann and Dr. Borja Martinovic)

In March 2018 The Utrecht Young Academy has organized a workshop for young cardiovascular researchers at the Young@Heart Event with the theme “Diversity”. In this workshop, the participants got to experience what it feels like to be in a group with lower status or negative stereotypes that is being disadvantaged in a job selection process – or reverse, to be put in a higher status position than the other.  This evoked  an interesting discussion and some quite strong emotional reactions. We received very positive feedback from the participants, who said it was original and intense. 

The aim was to make the young researchers think about how we are trained to divide the social world into groups and generalize based on these simple category distinctions. This will hopefully stimulate fair, non-stereotyping behavior in their future careers.