Dr. ir. Sanli Faez

Dr. Sanli Faez, lid van de Utrecht Young Academy.
Dr. ir. Sanli Faez.

Sanli Faez is an Assistant Professor of Physics. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in Iran, but came to the Netherlands for his Master's degree. After obtaining his Master's degree in Twente, he obtained his PhD in Amsterdam. After that, he did research at the Max Planck Institute in Erlangen and at Leiden University before coming to Utrecht. His field of expertise is Nanophotonics. He develops microscopy methods to see the movement of individual molecules.

How do single molecules dance and how can I be their choreographer?

Sanli Faez has been a member of the Utrecht Young Academy, a bridge between young and talented researchers, since 2017.

You can learn more about Sanli’s research projects and the nanoEPics team, here.