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Archived News

7 June 2018
Resistant cells of a certain type of cancer defend themselves against chemotherapy by changing the way they use their nutrients.
8 May 2018
The International Carbohydrate Organization has awarded the Young Researcher Award for 2018 to Dr. Nuria Martinez Saez.
Pillen in blisterverpakking
7 May 2018
Data from day-to-day clinical practice and patients’ experiences should have more influence on drug reimbursement, according to PhD candidate Amr Makady.
Minister Van Engelshoven en de tien hoofdaanvragers van de gehonoreerde Roadmap-projecten
12 April 2018
The Faculty of Science is involved in four projects from the NWO National Roadmap Large-Scale Scientific Infrastructure.
12 April 2018
NWO announced how it will distribute €138 million to top research facilities in the Netherlands whose work transcends national boundaries.


Photo News
Hanna de Jong, Katja Jansen, Oleg Klykov and Amer Jamalpoor participated in the Breaking Science pitch competition 2019.
Oleg and Amer even managed to reach the final, that was won by Michael Musandu.
Miloš Mihajlović was awarded the Prof.dr. Van Zwieten best thesis prize by the Dutch Pharmacological Society during the spring meeting in Rotterdam last Friday, for his thesis ‘A next step towards bioartificial kidney: preclinical safety evaluation’.

Quick News

  • During a speed-dating session at the spring symposium of the NVGCT (8 March 2019), CPS student student Heleen van der Veen and Alexandra Mowday from Uni Maastricht have won the ZonMW Young Investigators award for best research proposal.
  • The last NWO TOP grants have been awarded (from now on it will be NWO Open Competition). Joke den Haan (VuMC) and Gert Storm will work on liposomes in cancer vaccination
  • UIPS colleagues Manoe Janssen and Guilherme Ferreira win the poster prizes at the spring meeting of the Dutch Pharmacological Society
  • Geert-Jan Boons was interviewed by C2W
  • Aletta Kraneveld, Jeroen van Bergenhenegouwen, together with Reshmi Mukherjee and Roland Pieters received an NWO LIFT grant
  • Caroline de Theije received the Brain, Behavior and Immunity Impact Award 2017
  • Again eight PhD candidates with China Scholarship Council come to UIPS (eighteen for the entire UU)
  • - 2 have chosen Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery
    - 4 have chosen Pharmaceutics
    - 2 have chosen Pharmacology
  • Maarten Altelaar published that GPCR signalling can be turned off in Nature together with NKI colleagues
  • Bert Leufkens is promotor of the year 2016. Great interview in Dutch.
  • Celia Berkers was admitted to the "Jonge Academie"
  • Marieke de Bruin held her inaugural lecture at the University of Copenhagen
  • Tom Wennekes is elected for the Utrecht Young Academy
  • Artificial kidney research by Roos Masereeuw and Dimitrios Stamatialis from U. Twente is the highlight of the ASN kidney week
  • Science article of a.o. the Heck group on unexpected antigens
  • A study on busulfan use for haemopoietic cell transplantation by our clinical pharmacy group in Lancet Haematology.
  • Rick Vreman has written the best master thesis!
  • Thomas Dorlo receives an NWO Veni grant.
  • Geert-Jan Boons and Ineke Braakman awarded with a chemistry innovation grant.
  • Aletta Kraneveld appointed as professor of Interdisciplinary translational pharmacology.
  • First consortium to make biosimilar against RSV; success of UCAB.
  • Inaugural lecture Alexander Makarov of the Heck group.
  • Ellen Koster is supervisor of the year in the Graduate School of Life Sciences.
  • Manoe Janssen receives funding for gene editing in a rare disease.
  • Heck group and European groups join forces to make protein analysis in the clinics reality.
  • Wim Hennink runner-up as promotor of the year, and entering the century list as well. Links on this Dutch page.
  • Increase in ADHD medicine use reported by Ellen Koster and others.
  • Anke-Hilse Maitland and Aletta Kraneveld in European programme to study childhood asthma.
  • Masereeuw group involved with making a functioning biological kidney.
  • Geert-Jan Boons appointed professor Chemical Pharmacology
  • Sabrina Oliveira receives ERC starting grant.
  • Nathaniel Martin, Timo Koopmans and Laurens Kleijn win Venture Challenge with Synamp startup.
  • Alen Sevsek wins PhD competition at first Science for Life symposium. 
  • Science faculty members most in the news this year: Huub Schellekens and Albert Heck.
  • Alwin Huitema wins Galenus research prize.
  • Mojtaba Abdul Roda wins national PhD award.
  • Roos Masereeuw appointed professor Experimental Pharmacology. In 2015 she was elected fellow of the AAPS.
  • NWO-TOP award as well as prestigious ACS awards for Geert-Jan Boons and Albert Heck.
  • Olaf Klungel appointed professor of Pharmacoepidemiologic Methods and held his inaugural lecture in November 2015
  • Erik Frijlink to receive the Utrecht University Award for Excelence in Pharmaceutical Research.
  • Lucianne Groenink obtains NWO grant for the relation of nutrition and cognition during pregnancy.
  • Jan Raaijmakers appointed Figurehead Life Sciences & Health.
  • Albert Heck receives the Proteomics Pioneer Award 2014.
  • Robert de Vries obtains a VENI award to study influenza inhibitors at UIPS.
  • Toine Pieters appointed general director of the Freudenthal Institute.
  • UIPS was awarded the NWO Graduate Programme grant for starting Bioinspired Drug Innovation.
  • Enrico Mastrobattista and Madelon Maurice are going to wrap up stem cells.
  • New Highly Cited researcher list. 81 from The Netherlands: 9 in Pharmacology & Toxicology: 3 in UIPS: Hennink, van Nostrum and Storm.
  • Albert Heck selected as KNAW member; our second professor, after Jos Beijnen.
  • Tina Vermonden obtains a prestigious VIDI award!
  • Professors Jos Beijnen, Jan Schellens and Johan Garssen rank high in "Promotor of the year" 2013
  • Enormous funding for chemical immunology, including Albert Heck!
  • The collaboration with Danone/Nutricia explained in DUB.
  • Dierenbescherming award for professor Huub Schellekens
  • HUPO award for professor Albert Heck
  • FIP award for professor Daan Crommelin
  • Galenus Research Prize 2013 for Enrico Mastrobattista (Press release)
  • Vidi awarded to Maarten Altelaar
  • Eight PhD candidates with China Scholarship Council come to UIPS
    - 4 have chosen Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology
    - 2 have chosen Pharmaceutics
    - 1 has chosen Pharmacology
    - 1 has chosen Pharmacoepidemiology & Clinical Pharmacology