We combine research on both the external exposome and on the internal exposome.

In addition to our genetic nature, the environment in which we live has a major influence on our health. Non-genetic factors, such as our physical or social environment, or our behaviour, play an important role in the development of diseases. The totality of environmental exposures over the life course is called the exposome. 

Combined research

The Utrecht Exposome hub combines research on both the external exposome and on the internal exposome (focusing on the microbiome). By combining this research, we aim to develop successful prevention and intervention strategies in amongst others cardiovascular, mental, infectious, and immunological diseases.


Portretfoto Roel Vermeulen
30 August 2019
Leading scientists from Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht will join all six projects awarded funding under the prestigious NWO Gravitation Programme.
Mensen op straat
30 August 2019
A consortium led by Professor Roel Vermeulen will investigate which factors of the exposome are important for health.
Google Air View auto
15 May 2019
Utrecht University is collaborating with Google and the municipality of Amsterdam to map the air quality in the city at street level.