Citizenship and Migration

The Building block on Citizenship and Migration is currently focusing its research on the theme: Mobility in a European Post-Crisis Scenario: Legislative Dynamics and Enforcement Challenges. On this page you find a description of the project's Thematic scope, Coordinators and members, Upcoming and past events, Research outputs, and Opportunities and contact.

Thematic Scope

The building block aims to theoretically contest the major divides between citizenship and migration by legally and empirically investigating the interconnection between these social and legal phenomena from the perspective of legislative and policy reforms as well as the enforcement of rights and norms.

Building on previous research, the focus will be on the post-crisis scenario. After the so-called ‘refugee crisis’ of 2015, new types of  arrangements have been proposed or adopted at the international, EU and national levels, expanding the regulatory tools, re-organising the policy toolbox as well as the theoretical paradigms. These dynamics have triggered a thriving academic debate which has contributed to flag the limits of the existing legislative and enforcement regimes.

This Building Block combines law and criminological approaches to offer a multidisciplinary and multidimensional perspective that mostly focuses on national and European migration governance. Our ambitious goal is to highlight how the situation of crisis and its instrumentalisation has created new risks of fragmentation at law-making levels (regulation) as well as of marginalisation at the level of law enforcement, with an emerging complex shared administration which is especially operational at the borders of the EU. Arguably, these dynamics risk perpetuating a situation of crisis and it seems pertinent to question whether we will ever be out of the ‘crisis.’ 


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Past events

Research outputs

Opportunities for visiting researchers

The Building block on Citizenship and Migration welcomes visiting researchers at the junior or senior levels, who wish to share or connect their ongoing research with the themes of the Building block during a visiting stay. Please contact the coordinators.


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