Digitalisation & Technological Innovation in Europe: Impact on Core Values, Regulation & Enforcement

Digitalization & technological innovation in Europe

Digitalisation and developments in technological innovation (‘DTI’) engage the whole spectrum of the domains of law, including EU internal market law, competition law, fundamental rights, data protection law, consumer law, regulation of financial markets, and criminal and international law. 

The speed of technological change and innovation raises the question of whether the law can and should keep pace with technological development and be future-proof. Meanwhile, the lines between the public and private domains in the era of digitalisation are increasingly blurring, and there are no physical borders in a digital market, which makes transnational regulation and enforcement within the EU essential – yet other types of borders may be erected. 

Digitalisation has also become an increasingly relevant aspect of EU policy and the Union’s identity. In other parts of the world the EU is often considered to be the champion of regulation: take for instance the GDPR, the Digital Services Act Package of the European Commission with the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act, the antitrust proceedings against Google, and the ambitious proposal on cross-border access to electronic evidence in criminal matters. It is to be expected that the importance of digitalisation within the EU’s policy agenda will only grow. 

The aim of this project is to analyse and understand the effects of the growth of digital technologies and innovation on basic principles of the law and on core values, along with the needs this phenomenon creates for regulation and enforcement. This project’s ambition is to be at the forefront and to impact these developments through research. 

Upcoming events

15 May 2023 – from 13:00 to 19:00 – Workshop: Exploring the relationship between market power and data protection

Output of the DTI Europe building block


  • Veronika Nagy
  • Machiko Kanetake
  • Lucky Belder
  • Viktoria Morozovaite
  • Susanne Heeger-Hertter
  • Jasper Sluijs
  • Anna Gerbrandy
  • Laura Lalíková
  • Birte Böök
  • Pauline Phoa
  • Peter Blok
  • Baskaran Balasingham
  • Lisanne Hummel
  • Gavin Robinson
  • Peter Laaper
  • Thijs Kelder
  • Cristiana Teixeira Santos
  • Catalina Goanta
  • Nikita Divissenko
  • Olia Kanevskaia
  • Esther van Schagen
  • Linda Senden
  • Joel Anderson
  • Dionysios Pelekis

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