Sharing Knowledge

We are keen to make our expertise in the field of the early modern period available to society at large. UCEMS-researchers deliver public lectures, they appear in the media and they contribute to exhibitions, educational material for secondary schools, public books, games, and more. Besides, UCEMS regularly organises special events for a wider audience.

Annual lecture

On Tuesday 20 March 2018 visiting professor Andrew Pettegree will give the first UCEMS Annual Lecture on Dutch book culture in the Golden Age.

Do you want to learn more about the possibilities?

Please contact Dr David Onnekink or Dr Arthur Weststeijn.

Knowledge for a wider audience: recent examples

  • In cooperation with the National Library of the Netherlands, Dr Jeroen Salman organised an exhibition of children’s prints entitled ‘Sterke Verhalen' (Strong Stories'), which told a story of five centuries of narrative culture. A collection of essays bearing the same name was created to accompany the exhibition, authored by a number of different scholars of literature.

  • Together with the National Library of the Netherlands, Prof. Els Stronks developed the DBNL ngram-viewer. This tool enables researchers to search through the Royal Library's digitalised texts, for instance for the occurence of particular words, which are then presented in a graphic.

  • Prof. Oscar Gelderblom and Dr Joost Jonker developed the Game of the Golden Age. Based on real persons and events, and on historical research, the game lets you experience what it's like to be a merchant in Amsterdam around 1600.

See more examples in Dutch.

Game of the Golden Age