In our research, we address many different aspects of early modern culture, collaborating with colleagues from various departments and universities. Central themes to our research are e.g. cultural transfer and material culture, knowledge societies, language dynamics and identity and reputation.

Institutions and early modern European culture

Within the context of the strategic theme Institutions for Open Societies, we focus on the cultural, social and institutional dynamics of the period 1500-1800 and its impact on modern times.

Societal issues

We pay specific attention at those aspects of early modern culture that have led to democratisation, economic (in)equality and growth, cultural dynamics and religious freedom. We also study the exchange of ideas that characterise our contemporary society and conduct research on cultural heritage. Furthermore, we explore the opportunities for digital research within digital humanities.

Early Modern Low Countries

UUCEMS-researchers are closely involved in Early Modern Low Countries, a multidisciplinary open access journal dedicated to the study of the early modern Low Countries.