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25 November 2019
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Public event

Every year the Utrecht Centre for Early Modern Studies organises a public event with lectures (in Dutch) on a specific theme. The themes in the past years have been:

  • 2018: The power of words
  • 2017: Praise of Folly. Humour as an antidote in the early modern era
  • 2016: Market and moral in the early modern era
  • 2015: The Oranges and the road to the monarchy
  • 2014: The making & branding of the Golden Age
  • 2013: Pornography and prostitution
  • 2012: Humour as a weapon. Satire in the early modern era
  • 2011: From hate to love: emotions in the early modern era
  • 2010: UCEMS maps the early modern world

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