E.g., 01/21/2019
Silvestro Ganassi: La Fontegara. Bron: Wikimedia
1 March 2019 16:15 - 17:15
On 1 March Dina de Oliveira Titan will defend her PhD thesis 'The origins of instrumental diminution in Renaissance Venice: Ganassi's Fontegara'.
17 May 2019 - 18 May 2019
Submit an abstract of your paper about 'Freedom of speech in the medieval and early modern society' before the 10th of January 2019.

Public event

Every year the Utrecht Centre for Early Modern Studies organises a public event with lectures (in Dutch) on a specific theme. The themes in the past years have been:

  • 2018: The power of words
  • 2017: Praise of Folly. Humour as an antidote in the early modern era
  • 2016: Market and moral in the early modern era
  • 2015: The Oranges and the road to the monarchy
  • 2014: The making & branding of the Golden Age
  • 2013: Pornography and prostitution
  • 2012: Humour as a weapon. Satire in the early modern era
  • 2011: From hate to love: emotions in the early modern era
  • 2010: UCEMS maps the early modern world

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