Biofabricated liver model

Kerstin Schneeberger and Bart Spee

This showcase project is based on 3D biofabricated constructs for hepatotoxicity testing and personalized medicine approaches. The model offers improved cellular complexity and function of liver organoids; currently, primary hepatocytes are the gold standard for in vitro research, but these rapidly lose their functionality in culture. State-of-the-art flow-perfusion bioreactors are being developed for culture of 3D liver tissue constructs, and to assess the maturation status of the liver constructs. Validation will subsequently be performed for toxicological risk assessment and personalized drug testing.


  • An innovative in vitro liver model with high predictive potential;
  • Dose-response testing and screening of therapeutics;
  • Can benefit pre-clinical testing for safety and efficacy, as well as chemical toxicity testing;
  • Long-term culture of liver organoids with conservation of characteristic functionality, e.g. metabolic competence;
  • Potential to reduce hepatotoxicity-related drug attrition in clinical studies;

Principal Investigator