Bioengineered kidney model

Roos Masereeuw

This showcase project involves 3D bio-manufactured renal proximal tubules for bio-artificial kidney development, drug disposition and nephrotoxicity testing. The model aims to improve current treatment options for patients with end-stage kidney disease by providing a cell-based therapy on the one hand and to develop state-of-the-art 3D kidney tubules that allow studying renal tubular drug handling on the other. In vitro performance and immune safety assessments have been concluded, toxicological risk assessments are ongoing.


  • In vitro kidney model that is capable of investigating renal function due to culture of cells on hollow fiber membrane;
  • Clearance of uremic toxins by kidney cells from one compartment (“blood”) to other compartment (“urine”) can investigated and quantified;
  • Based on humanized ciPTEC cells featuring high similarity to human physiology due to presence of most important transporter factors;
  • Well-characterized and reproducible;
  • Can readily be adapted to medium/high-throughput format;

Principal Investigator