Pioneering for a new future

The future to many has a negative ring to it. People's lives will be worse, many believe. The concept of the future is intangible and seems somewhat forced upon us.

We keep hearing about 'The future of the city'. But does that mean we're automatically taking part in a rat race between cities? And do we want to pay the ultimate price for a small Randstad apartment? We hear about the future of self-driving cars. Is this going to be all about who has the first one? Or how such technology can help us create better cities? Are we searching for the future in the right places? Are we overlooking beautiful, imaginable futures? How can we create great places to live and work in the 21st century?

Places of Hope is the report of a search for alternative futures for the Netherlands, and at the same time a discussion about how to get there. Futures that don't just happen to us, but futures that we actively seek for. How are the Netherlands, which internationally is still seen to be at the forefront of spatial planning, searching for the good life?

Leeuwarden 2018
Places of Hope takes place in the context of Leeuwarden European Capital of Culture 2018 and takes the Northern Netherlands as the starting point towards the future. With this mindset, the way that people in the Netherlands are actively changing their living environment strikes us. In harmony with each other, and with nature. In surprising coalitions and in unexpected places. The exposition is curated by director of the Urban Futures Studio, Maarten Hajer, and Urbanist at Non-Fiction, Michiel van Iersel.