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The Urban Futures Studio organises an annual ‘mixed classroom course’, an exciting new form of education for policymakers, artists, activists and students. The aim of this course is to give participants an understanding of the techniques developed for knowing and anticipating the future in view of the planetary crisis of the 21st century. Participation in this course offers UU master’s students the possibility to reflect on possible and desirable futures and gain hands-on experience in connecting ideas to action in collaboration with policymakers and citizens, on topics that are both scientifically innovative and societally urgent. Policy makers and citizens have the chance to look at their work from a new perspective and explore the power of techniques of futuring and creative forms of citizen engagement in addressing societal challenges. Participants will study and reflect on existing and new practices like scenario planning, back casting, design thinking and science fiction.

This year’s Mixed Classroom will bring together policy makers, master’s students, artists and activists to imagine the good life in a post-fossil world. As a critical case of this, we will focus on the present standoff between farmers and the government and the need to reimagine rural futures in connection with pressing urban issues. The conflict is underpinned by vastly different views over what the future of the rural countryside of the Netherlands can and should be. In this year’s Mixed Classroom, we explore: how to emerge from such political deadlock and reconnect policy with society? The sessions will explore how futuring, artistic and collaborative approaches can create compelling visions of the future that would stick for both policy makers and rural society: “rural utopias”.

In addition to the emphasis on rural utopias, UU master’s students will have the opportunity to explore how this topic fits into a broader notion of the post-fossil good life and engage with a wider range of futuring approaches through their creation of an exhibition.

The previous closing sessions of the Mixed Classroom were the Canon of Change: how the Netherlands reached 2100Museum of the Linear Economy, Mobility Museum 2050Coach for Conversation and the Uninvited Futuring Exhibition

Policymakers, artists & activists:

  • Application deadline: rolling deadline
  • Session dates: Six Wednesday afternoons (16 & 30 November, 7 December, 11, 18 & 25 January)
  • A pre-selection applies to this course (please send a letter of motivation of a single page maximum to coordinator dr. Josephine Chambers (
  • For more information contact course coordinator dr. Josephine Chambers

UU Master’s students:

  • Application deadline: admission closed
  • Period 2 (14-11-2022 t/m 03-02-2023)
  • Course days are Wednesday (afternoon) and Friday (all day)
  • The course includes a mandatory design studio between 4 and 6 January 2023.
  • This course can be followed for both 5 EC and 7.5 EC
  • A pre-selection applies to this course (please submit your motivation in a maximum of 250 words via this form in Osiris)
  • For more information contact course coordinator dr. Josephine Chambers (
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